Life in the Judy Lane

Irish Jew and Other Tales from Life in the Judy Lane

Welcome to Irish Jew and Other Tales from Life in the Judy Lane from award-winning storyteller and syndicated humor columnist, Judy Lane.  One of eight children, Lane takes you on a hilarious ride from her early days in Manhattan’s lower eastside where she was raised by immigrant parents—an Irish Catholic mother and Hungarian Jewish father—to present day with a wife and two children.  If you don’t laugh, cry or both, you’re a potted plant.

“The boys and me laughed our arses off readin’ this masterpiece! It’s reminiscent of Joyce and Wilde—not the writers, of course, but a coupla gals we used to bust on the weekends.”
       --Sergeant O’Shaunnesy, 43rd Precinct in the Bronx.

“Oy vey, Matzo balls and all thet drek.  She’s a genius, this one. Much too funny to be a shiksa.  Mazel Tav, Judela!”
       --Random Rabbi from Fairfax.

How do I get my copy?

Couldn't be easier...there are two ways to purchase the book online:

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They'll ship it to you right away and the delivery man will even make you dinner! Well, most of this is true.  Check the schedule often to see if Judy will be in your area for an upcoming book signing.  She has been known to pop-up in kitchens all over without calling first so just have the tea ready.

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